Advanced traffic control management system

Advanced traffic control management system

Main objective of the system is to optimize the delay in transit of vehicles in a day. It is going to utilise Magnetic Sensors (GMR) which are very useful in detecting the density of vehicles in a particular lane. Along with synchronizing the micro-controller with GMR Magnetic sensors so that the micro-controller can get the number of vehicles present on the road and can accordingly allocate the timings to the respective lanes. The core technology is the allocation of time to the lanes according to the density of vehicles present in that particular lane, which would be monitored through the traffic control room.

This project received a prize worth 1000$ to build it further.

Name of Team Members: Shubhank Tiwari, Sahil Singh, Ajeesha S. Nair, Gulshan Kumar.


Project Details

  • Name : Technology Infusion Grand Challenge competition
  • Location : la Trobe University, Australia
  • Date :